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Tireless Execution.

Our Services

When you work with BCFS, you get a full-service firm that partners with you and executes all aspects of your campaign: strategy, public opinion research, data & analytics, advertising, communications, earned media, coalition building/grassroots, social media and digital advocacy.

Public Affairs & Issue Advocacy

Whether your issue is before the Legislature, Administration, local government, a regulatory agency or board, the BCFS team specializes in framing complex public policy matters in ways that are compelling to the public in order to influence key decision makers.

Ballot Measure Campaigns

BCFS has managed many of the state’s highest-profile and challenging ballot measure campaigns, frequently navigating large come-from-behind wins for our clients. Every election cycle, we manage nationally recognized ballot measure campaigns where the stakes are existential for our clients. Our win record over the past two decades is better than 95%. We couple our extensive understanding of California’s diverse (and changing) electorate with our deep knowledge and application of data and analytics to engineer winning strategies for our clients.  And we oversee all aspects of a campaign, from strategy and research to direct voter contact. See our campaigns.

Coalition & Grassroots Advocacy

We are the “go to” California firm for coalition building and grassroots advocacy. We know how to frame your issue and appeal to the self-interest of the third-party groups necessary to turn the tide. We’ve built unrivaled relationships with third-party organizations and influencers statewide and in virtually every California community.  We turn coalitions into grassroots armies – by giving allies the tools to make it easy for them to take action and influence public policy outcomes to achieve our clients’ objectives.

Media Relations

We help our clients approach the media in a strategic way, with a message and messenger that resonates. BCFS knows how to help you manage your message across the broad range of traditional and digital media channels. We also offer media trainings for all levels of spokespersons – including CEOs, high-level executives, state and local politicians and novice spokespeople.

Crisis Communication & Reputation Management

Your immediate response to a crisis can be the difference between containment or losing complete control. Whether you are anticipating a storm, in the eye of the storm, or want to optimize your crisis preparedness, our team can help. We have helped Fortune 100 companies, trade associations and top executives navigate high profile crises.


BCFS is steeped in constantly-evolving digital best practices. We devise digital campaigns that are creative and reach the desired audience most effectively. We manage lower-budget digital campaigns targeting key decision makers as well as large-scale digital efforts necessary to persuade the entire California electorate.


Our team can help you devise and execute creative, highly-effective advertising campaigns that are targeted at your key audiences. We help oversee a full suite of advertising and direct voter communications from creative to placement, including TV, cable, satellite, streaming, digital, radio, direct mail and outdoor.