Smart Strategies.
Tireless Execution.

Ballot Measure Successes

BCFS has managed many of the state’s highest-profile and challenging ballot measure campaigns, frequently navigating large come-from-behind wins for our clients. Collectively BCFS’ principles have worked on numerous winning ballot campaigns including:

No on 27 Online Sports Gambling Proposition (Nov 2022)
No on 29 Stop Yet Another Dangerous Dialysis Proposition (Nov 2022)
No on J Oppose Duarte Unequal Pay (Nov 2022)
Yes on 22 Protect Right of App-Based Drivers as Independent Contractors (Nov 2020)
No on 23 Protect Dialysis Patient Access (Nov 2020)
No on LH Oppose Lynwood Hospital Tax (Nov 2020)
No on 6 Oppose Repeal of Transportation Revenues (Nov 2018)
No on 8 Protect Dialysis Patient Access (Nov 2018)
Yes on 69 Dedicate Transportation Revenues for Transportation Only (Jun 2018)
No on 53 Right to Vote on Revenue Bonds (Nov 2016)
No on 61  Prescription Drug Price Controls (Nov 2016)
No on 45  State Government Health Insurance Regulation (Nov 2014)
No on 46 Increase Payouts in Medical Liability Lawsuits (Nov 2014)
No on 37  Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods (Nov 2012)
Yes on 22 Protection of Local Government and Transportation Revenues from State Raids (Nov 2010)
No on 23 Attempt to Repeal CA Landmark Clean Energy Law (Nov 2010)
No on 7  Would Have Slowed Renewable Energy Development (Nov 2008)
No on 98 Eminent Domain/Rent Control (June 2008)
Yes on 99 Protect Homeowners from Eminent Domain (June 2008)
Yes on 94, 95, 96 & 97 Indian Gaming Revenue Agreements (Feb 2008)
No on 90 Eminent Domain/Regulatory Takings (Nov 2006)
No on 82 New Tax for State-Funded Preschool (June 2006)
Yes on 1A Prevent State Raids of Local Government Funds (Nov 2004)
Yes on 55 Approval of Statewide School Bond (Mar 2004)
Yes on 40 Approval of $2.6 Billion Natural Resource Bond (Mar 2002)
Yes on 39 Approval of 55% Local School Bond Approval (Nov 2000)
Yes on 1A Approval of Indian Gaming Amendment (Mar 2000)
No on 30/31 Defeat of Insurance Referendum (Mar 2000)
Yes on 12 Approval of Safe Parks Initiative (Mar 2000)
Yes on 13 Approval of Clean Water Initiative (Mar 2000)
Yes on 1A Approval of $9 Billion School Bond (Nov 1998)
No on 9 Defeat of Anti-Investor Owned Utility Measure (Nov 1998)
No on 214/216 Defeat of Universal Health Care Initiatives (Nov 1996)
Yes on 126/No on 134 Alcohol Tax Measures (Nov 1990)
Yes on 123 Approval of Statewide School Bond (June 1990)